How Many Europes?

EU from the Treaties of Rome to the New Challenges


The Sixtieth Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome (1957-2017) is an occasion for discussing on the themes of European integration and cooperation.

For many reasons scholars today tend to debate on many European topics and to wonder if a European identity does really exist, or even if a “public Europe” could be considered something real. But the crucial questions are the following: does a common identity ease a real citizenship? Does a common heritage exist, needing protection by a common European law-system and society?

For these reasons, we tried to focus our analysis upon general themes as History, Politics/Geopolitics, Economics and Finance, European Law and Institutions, European society/societies etc.

Among the aforementioned themes, we will try to underline elements of pure theory, praxis and practises, and elements for current and future overall cooperation in Europe.

2017 Summer School’s purpose is to involve authoritative panels in a wide debate, giving students and scholars new visions and interpretations. To this aim the Summer School will take advantage of Visiting Professors and Discussants in the various disciplines, according to a multi-disciplinary bias.